quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Le Comptoir Général

Some cities make it really hard for us to find nice, untouristy places. Paris is definitely one of them.

Nevertheless, I decided to seize up the opportunity and accepted the challenge to find one to share with you.

Its name is Le Comptoir Géneral, and it is not only a bar and restaurant, but also a cultural centre. It promotes activities such as art installations, movie exhibitions or concerts, and it is sustainably devoted to solidarity, the environment and to Ghetto Art (which means all the place's proceeds are given to NGOs).

I must confess I quite like the concept of Ghetto Art, which they consider to be a reflex of the minorities' voices, and ecompasses everything, from African traditional music to street art.

The place's decoration is of an unusual, vintage / exotic kind, and the different rooms evoke reminiscences either from the cuban culture, Stanley Kubrik movies. The building itself is very environmentally friendly, as its isolation is optimized, rain water is collected and reused and all the furniture are recycled and reused.

Another good thing about the place are the prices: The admission is free, its ex-libris cocktail, la Secousse, costs only 7€, and a 50cl organic beer can be obtained at the bar for only 3,5€. It offers organic brunches for 6€ on Sundays.

Tip // Getting there early in the night lessens the chances of finding a queue.

Le bar du Comptoir Général
Paris 10e
80 Quai de Jemmapes
75019 Paris

- Teresa Lima

OBS: Photos by Hugo Arcier and Le Comptoir Général.

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  1. On a bien aimé cette sugestion! Mas on aimerais de savoir quelque chose sur Bacelona! :)