quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Welcome to Barcelona

The good thing about travelling around Europe is getting to know so many different places and cultures, within a very short period of time. I started off in Lisbon, visited Paris, and am currently in Barcelona. The more cities I visit, the more sure I am of the different bonding you can make upon visiting a place. I am now sure that you sometimes immediately fall in love with a city, while other times the city takes its time to conquer your love.

Barcelona definitely is NOT one of the latter. The city is unstoppable, and there is always something happening in either the art, the music, the party or the literary scene. And that, to be honest, only makes it harder to find places that are genuine.

After being here for over a week, I have learned a couple of useful things, namely:
1. Never refuse a cava.
Cava is champagne made out of apple, and always unbelievably good. The most famous place where to have one is Can Paixano, also known as the Xampanyeria. There, a cava glass costs around 1€ and you may have it along with tapas. Caution, after 18h you will probably have to squeeze in to get it, but not only is it a cultural experience, the cava is definitely well worth it. Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7.

2. Go to the boquería - in the afternoon.
And avoid the first stands, which surely are the most pricey ones. Ever since I got here, I slowly got addicted to all the amazing things (read: fresh-pressed juices) the place has to offer. They are usually around 2€, and that's far beyond my tight budget. However, should you decide to go there around 6pm, the urge to sell the last juices allows you to buy them for around 0,50€.

3. On Sunday afternoons, many of the museums are for free.

- Teresa Lima

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