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Solving the issue of eating bread in Barcelona

For some reason, ever since I arrived to Barcelona everyone keeps complaining about the bread. Apparently, it is too crunchy, has not got a decent fluffy inside and, what's worse, gets dry and hard as a rock after only a day.

I must admit I am not that much of a bread lover, but I couldn't help feeling empathy towards the many desperate acquaintances of mine who told
me about this seemingly unsolvable problem.

Gladly, we ended up finding a solution. Its name is BarcelonaReykjavik, and it is a bakery that aims to provide bread as it was originally baked. Additionally, everything they sell is 100% organic. They sell wheat, rye, spelt bread, even bread with lower gluten content and all of it is daily

Additionally, they offer a "bread of the day", that can be composed by amusing ingredients such as carrot, raisins and spelt, or spelt, tomato and cheese. For those who have got a sweet tooth
(such as myself), there are also brioches, plumcakes, croissants, muffins among other
amazing things.

The downside would really only be the price. Considering they sell bread, it can get a little bit over-the-top expensive. Again, I honestly believe it is worth it. The bread lasts for days, and it tastes heavenly no matter how you decided to eat it.

They have stores in Gràcia (by the Fontana metro stop), Born (close to the Picasso Museum), and Raval (by the MACBA).

(Pictures by Isabooo and Louisdead)

Teresa Lima

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