terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Our culture will not die.

Nowadays if your turn on the news on Portugal there is mainly one subject: the crisis. We live in hard times, with unprecedented cuts in our health care system, education, salaries, pensions, and everything else. In this environment of crisis, there is one subject that suffers most profoundly in this conjecture: culture and art.

Our Ministry for culture ended last year, being replaced by a small division that manages the funds that are still available for it.

Although one could predict this would have a devastating effect on our artistical and cultural environment, somethings just seem to challenge logic.


In the last years the number of festivals, exhibitions, artistic caffes/communities, independent theaters, independent bands and small record companies, flourished. A new generation of fresh creative entrepeneurs has come to life.

It is always good to remind ourselves that the hard times can also be a driving force for change and sustentability. We do more with less, we cooperate and we use original ways to conquer adversity.

For you this is also good news. If you come to Portugal - and almost anytime of the year - you'll have a range of quality options either on cinema, visual arts, music or performance. Oh.. and everything is usually very cheap.

I wrote down some examples of music and cinema festivals we had this year. There are things for every taste.

Doc Lisboa
Indie Lisboa
Estoril Film Festival
Experimenta Design
Monstra Festival
Bons Sons
Optimus Alive
CoolJazz Fest
Cascais Music Festival
World Music Festival - Sines
Festival para gente sentada
Jurassic Club Fest
Marés Vivas
Milhoes de Festa
Optimus Primavera Sound
Paredes de Coura
Sumol summer fest
Superbock Superrock
Vodafone Mexe Fest

Check it out!
And see you in a while.

Nuno Madureira

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