sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Tip #2

As a good, eager-to-learn-and-discover European citizen, I have flied Easyjet and Ryanair a couple of times already. I usually try to keep the flight tickets as cheap as possible, so I stick to hand-luggage, and even avoid paying for travel insurance (my mum keeps reminding me I shall regret that one day. Anyways, so far, so good).

The thing is, I often end up not being able to pack everything inside my handbag again. Among the many souvenirs, dirty laundry, and random stuff I gathered around, there seems to be not enough space to bring it all back.

I have two general tips for handling that situation.
1. Dress as many items of clothing as you can. Especially, dress the ones with the most volume. In the end, you will only need to have everything on whenever you enter the airplane gate, so I honestly think this is a fairly useful strategy.

2. Should you not have enough space still, go to one of the duty free shops and ask for a bag. The low-cost companies won't allow you to bring more than one handbag (including lady purses, baby backpacks and even computer cases) - UNLESS you happen to be carrying a bag from one of the airport shops. Yes, that's right: Those are allowed. Get one, place whatever doesn't fit in your bag inside, and have a nice flight.

This fact has, indeed, saved my cheap-traveler's life in a couple of occasions.

Teresa Lima

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