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Angela in Bologna...

Once upon a time, there was a city that had more than 200 towers... and who would
imagine that? Today, it still exists, though you can see only a few of them, like Due
, embraced by the city as the apple of its eye.

It can be a challenge but forget the map, just get lost between the infinite columns
and arches, the very veins and arteries that guide you to its heart - Piazza Maggiore.
Imagine yourself in a medieval era, enjoying every single detail of its paths and who
knows, maybe even discover the 7 secrets of the city.

Photo by Angela Silva
Photo by Angela Silva

Every corner screams history through its monumental constructions, with incredible
sculptures protruding from it. The red-hot colours of the city warm you up while the
porticoes keep you from melting under the sun or getting soaked in the rain.

It is heartening that Bologna can be so attractive and yet still unaffected by tourism. You can really feel unnoticed among its residents. Take advantage of that!

First thing to do, feel the dolce vita when you go to Coffee Terzi where its coffee grains are freshly ground and you can see the sugar slowly fall into a fantastic expresso...

Park your bicycle somewhere near bar Camera a Sud to meet friends and begin
your night with a glass of wine in a comfortable atmosphere where books, antiques,
illustrations and photographs are all around you and easy to reach.

Who has heard of Spaghetti alla Bolognese? In Bologna it's a myth, they would actually say
it does not exist! The nearest idea to it is to order Tagliatelle al Ragù and divide one Piatto dell'Amicizia, where everyone can eat from the same plate, an idea to enjoy at 
Osteria Dell'Orsa.

Don't go away before passing by Osteria del Sole , well known for its concept "bring your snacks, we have the wine", which must have impressed other portuguese, who left written tiles with10 drinking commandments, like nº10: “Who swears no more drinking...has the death penalty”.
I wouldn't disobey!

Words aren’t enough to describe how Bologna mi é rimasta nel cuore!

Photo by Angela Silva
Photo by Angela Silva

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