quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

Verona, City of Lovers

When you arrive to the Verona, it’s normal find local guides offering their services, promising you a “love tour” to the city. For me it’s not a good solution, the city has more poetry to see besides the famous places of Shakespeare masterpiece Romeo and Julliet. 

At your birth arrive, the ancient spring winds of Verona welcome you to a cosy, countryside feeling, in spite of the graceful, cheerful city light atmosphere. Romance spreads out throw the streets and there’s a nostalgic aroma hidden at every corner.

The starting point is the Roman Arena, located in the heart of the historical center – where old and new meet as a balance throw time and space. There are Opera Concerts at the Arena all year long, and you can get an easy ticket from across the street.  Get yourself a map and lead towards the main square “Piazza delle Erbe”. Have a taste at “Ristorante alla Torre”, at lunch time, enjoy a sweet piadine with nutella and mascarpone while strolling aside the wonderful renaissance architecture surroundings.

Finding Juliet’s balcony is easy business, all paths lead there. After the passage along with the love sayings, quotations and proposals (where lovebirds share their affection with everyone by sticking a bubble gum with names and dates, or even written post-it’s and lockets), you’ll find a textile store on your left, with a curious old man whom’ll offer to embroid your name in perfect calligraphy, drawn in a piece of paper, next to a red lined heart. This will obviously cost you something, if you wish to bring something a little bolder with you.

As the evening approaches, don’t mind visiting the Museu Civici di Arte di Verona, and lose track of time within the roman remaining’s and find a lovely panoramic sight view at sunset.

See you soon

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